watermark Willawong neighbourhood plan code Application

(1) This code applies to assessing a material change of use, reconfiguring a lot, operational work or building work in the Willawong neighbourhood plan area if:
(a) assessable development where this code is an applicable code identified in the assessment benchmarks column of a table of assessment for a neighbourhood plan (section 5.9); or
(b) impact assessable development.
(2) Land within the Willawong neighbourhood plan area is identified on the NPM-023.4 Willawong neighbourhood plan map and includes the following precinct:
(a) Paradise wetland investigation precinct (Willawong neighbourhood plan/NPP-001);
(3) When using this code, reference should be made to section 1.5, section 5.3.2 and section 5.3.3.

Note—The following purpose, overall outcomes, performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes comprise the assessment benchmarks of this code.

Note—This neighbourhood plan includes a table of assessment. Refer to Table 5.9.70.A, Table 5.9.70.B, Table 5.9.70.C and Table 5.9.70.D. Purpose

(1) The purpose of the Willawong neighbourhood plan code is to provide finer grained planning at a local level for the Willawong neighbourhood plan area.
(2) The purpose of the Willawong neighbourhood plan code will be achieved through overall outcomes including overall outcomes for each precinct of the neighbourhood plan area.
(3) The overall outcomes for the neighbourhood plan area are:
(a) Development protects and enhances the regionally significant ecosystems and environmental values which will improve the health and quality of the local waterways of Oxley Creek.
(b) The broad hectare rural character of the area is retained.
(c) The rehabilitation of extractive industry sites pays attention to the hydraulic regime, bank stability and revegetation to improve water quality.
(d) Further development of extractive industries is limited unless a need for the resources is required, sound environmental management practices can be demonstrated, and appropriate licensing secured.
(e) Development adjacent to wetlands outside waterway corridors has regard to effects on the water quality and hydraulic regime of the wetland and the potential for isolation of the wetland from significant native vegetation or habitat areas.
(f) Appropriate management strategies are developed and implemented for the conservation of any Aboriginal cultural heritage.
(g) Land subject to development constraints, character or environmental values shown on an overlay map is protected from inappropriate development in order to maintain its character, natural and ecological significance.
(4) Paradise wetland investigation precinct (Willawong neighbourhood plan/NPP-001) overall outcomes are:
(a) The precinct is being investigated as a possible area to accommodate new residential development with a choice of housing types, a centre to provide office and shop activities serving the local population and a mixed industry and business area that supports surrounding industrial areas.
(b) The ultimate layout, design, land use mix and density of any such future development will be determined by resolving the key issues including air quality, noise and separation distances to sensitive land uses, site contamination, flooding, habitat and ecological corridors, koala habitat, topography and slope stability and access for vehicles and public transport. Until these key issues are resolved no further development will be approved.
(c) Future development is also dependent on the provision of local and trunk infrastructure networks required to service the development and surrounding area. This infrastructure is not included in the Local government infrastructure plan and is therefore required to be demonstrated as part of any investigation. Performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes

Table—Performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes
Performance outcomes
Acceptable outcomes
No performance outcomes are prescribed.
No acceptable outcomes are prescribed.
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