watermark Tourist accommodation zone code

(1) The purpose of the tourist accommodation zone is to provide for:
(a) short-term accommodation; and
(b) community uses, and small-scale services, facilities and infrastructure, to support short-term accommodation and tourist attractions.
(2) The purpose of the zone will be achieved through the following overall outcomes:
(a) Development in the zone supports the implementation of the policy direction set in the Strategic framework, in particular:
(i) Theme 2: Brisbane’s outstanding lifestyle and Element 2.2 – Brisbane’s housing and accommodation choices;
(ii) Theme 5: Brisbane’s CityShape and Element 5.6 – Brisbane’s Greenspace System.
(b) Development provides for the continuation of Tangalooma Resort as a tourist resort on Moreton Island, used by daytrippers and overnight visitors, with a wide range of services and infrastructure, as well as a variety of accommodation types for guests and staff.
(c) Development for nature-based tourism, resort complex, short-term accommodation, food and drink outlet and non-resident workforce accommodation is provided at a scale, density and location to meet the needs of tourists.
(d) Development is highly reflective of and responsive to environmental values and is sensitively located and designed to minimise any adverse impacts on surrounding natural features that form the basis of the tourist attraction such as creeks, gullies, waterways, wetlands, habitats, native vegetation and coastal foreshores.
(e) Development maintains a high level of accommodation amenity having regard to traffic, noise, dust, odour, lighting and other locally specific impacts.
(f) Development is supported by infrastructure to meet the needs of tourists and staff.
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