watermark Rural residential zone code

(1) The purpose of the rural residential zone is to provide for residential uses and activities on large lots, including lots for which the local government has not provided infrastructure and services.
(2) The purpose of the zone will be achieved through the following overall outcomes:
(a) Development in the zone supports the implementation of the policy direction set in the Strategic framework, in particular:
(i) Theme 2: Brisbane’s outstanding lifestyle and Element 2.2 – Brisbane’s housing and accommodation choices;
(ii) Theme 3: Brisbane’s clean and green leading environmental performance and Element 3.1 – Brisbane’s environmental values;
(iii) Theme 5: Brisbane’s CityShape and Element 5.6 – Brisbane’s Greenspace System.
(b) Development provides for dwelling houses on existing lots generally in the size range between 1ha and 5ha.
(c) Development of a lot in the Rural residential zone is for a dwelling house, home-based business or permanent plantation which requires limited provision of infrastructure and services.
(d) Development preserves the environmental, scenic amenity and topographical features of the land by integrating an appropriate scale of residential activities amongst these features.
(e) Development is designed to incorporate sustainable practices including climate responsiveness and water conservation.
(f) Development provides for the safe use of on-site wastewater treatment systems for effluent disposal with systems designed for varied soil type, slopes and prolonged periods of wet weather.
(g) Development minimises any unavoidable impacts on natural features, such as waterways, gullies, wetlands, native vegetation and bushland through location, design, operation and management requirements.
(h) Development provides a high level of residential amenity.
(i) Development for a residential use only comprises a predominantly 1 or 2 storey dwelling house which is located on an appropriately sized lot.
(j) Development for a small-scale non-residential use which is a community care centre, community use, health care service, office, shop or veterinary service (together with any associated caretaker’s accommodation or dwelling unit) is to:
(i) have a gross floor area of less than 250m2;
(ii) serve local residents' day-to-day needs;
(iii) not undermine the viability of a nearby centre.
(k) Development for any other non-residential use is only accommodated where it has a direct relationship to the land on which it is proposed.
(l) Development responds to land constraints, mitigates any adverse impacts on environmental values and addresses other specific characteristics, as identified by overlays affecting the site or in codes applicable to the development.

Note—A minimum lot size of 100ha applies to reconfiguration of a lot for lands in the Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area of the SEQ Regional Plan 2009-2031. For lands within the Rural Living Area of the SEQ Regional Plan, minimum lot sizes are specified in the Lake Manchester neighbourhood plan.

Note—Reticulated sewerage is not generally available but is not required to be provided.

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