Part 8 Overlays

8.1 Preliminary

(1) Overlays identify areas in the planning scheme that reflect state and local level interests and that have one or more of the following characteristics:
(a) there is a particular sensitivity to the effects of development;
(b) there is a constraint on land use or development outcomes;
(c) there is the presence of valuable resources;
(d) there are particular opportunities for development.
(2) Overlays are mapped and included in Schedule 2.
(3) The changed category of development or assessment, if applicable, for development affected by an overlay are in Part 5.
(4) Some overlays may be included for information purposes only. This should not result in a change to the category of development or assessment or any additional assessment benchmarks.
(5) Assessment benchmarks for an overlay may be contained in one or more of the following:
(a) a map for an overlay;
(b) a code for an overlay;
(c) a zone code;
(d) a neighbourhood plan code;
(e) a development code.
(6) Where development is proposed on premises partly affected by an overlay, the assessment benchmarks for the overlay only relate to the part of the premises affected by the overlay.
(7) The overlays for the planning scheme are identified in Table 8.1.1.
Table 8.1.1—Overlays and overlay codes
Mapping overlays

Refer to Brisbane City Plan 2014 mapping

Overlay codes
No applicable overlay code
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