Part 6 Zones

6.1 Preliminary

(1) Zones organise the planning scheme area in a way that facilitates the location of preferred or acceptable land uses.
(2) Zones are mapped and included in Schedule 2.
(3) The categories of development and assessment for development in a zone are in Part 5.
(4) Assessment benchmarks for zones are contained in a zone code.
(5) A precinct may be identified for part of a zone.
(6) Precinct provisions are contained in the zone code.
(7) Each zone code identifies the following:
(a) the purpose of the code;
(b) the overall outcomes that achieve the purpose of the code.
(8) The zone codes for the planning scheme are identified in Table 6.2.1.

6.2 Zone codes

Table 6.2.1─Zone codes
Zone codes
Residential zones category
Centre zones category
Major centre zone code
District centre zone code
Recreation zones category
Open space zone code
Environmental zones category
Conservation zone code
Industry zones category
Industry zone code
Other zones category
Mixed use zone code
Rural zone code
Special purpose zone code
Township zone code
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