4.4 Priority infrastructure area

4.4.1 Purpose

The priority infrastructure area identifies the area the local government gives priority to provide trunk infrastructure for urban development.

4.4.2 Determination of the priority infrastructure area

(1) The priority infrastructure area is the area where suitable and adequate development infrastructure generally exists or where it can be provided most efficiently.
(2) The priority infrastructure area has been determined having regard to that part of the planning scheme area which is suitable for urban development under the planning scheme.
(3) An area under the planning scheme which is not suitable for urban development but which is under investigation by the local government for future urban development has been excluded from the priority infrastructure area until the local government has completed its investigation of the area and amended the planning scheme to include the area as suitable for urban development.

4.4.3 Priority infrastructure area map

The priority infrastructure area is stated in Map A1 Priority Infrastructure Area.

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