4.6 Plans for trunk infrastructure

4.6.1 Purpose

The plans for trunk infrastructure identify the existing and proposed trunk infrastructure in the schedule of works which is intended to service at the desired standard of service the existing and projected residential development and non-residential development.

4.6.2 Schedule of works

(1) The trunk infrastructure networks comprise the land and works for future trunk infrastructure in the schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure.
(2) The schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure for the trunk infrastructure networks are stated in Table and are included in Schedule 3.
Table—Schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Water supply network
Table WS1 – Water supply network schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Sewerage network
Table S1 – Sewerage network schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Stormwater network
Table SW1 – Stormwater network schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Transport network (local road network)
Table R1 – Local road network schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Transport network (pathways network)
Table APT1 – Pathways network schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Transport network (public transport (ferry terminals) network)
Table APT2 – Public transport (ferry terminals) network schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Transport network (public transport (bus stops) network)
Table APT3 – Public transport (bus stops) network schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Community purposes network (public parks network)
Table CP1 – Community purposes network (public parks) schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
Community purposes network (land for community facilities network)
Table CP2 – Community purposes network (land for community facilities) schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure
(3) The schedules of works for future trunk infrastructure identify the following:
(a) the value of each trunk infrastructure item;
(b) the service catchment to which it relates;
(c) the estimated year of completion being the dates of which relate to the assumed timing of development.
(4) The full schedule of works, including details of existing (for certain networks) and future trunk infrastructure is provided as extrinsic material.

4.6.3 Plans for trunk infrastructure

The trunk infrastructure networks identified in the schedule of works for future trunk infrastructure are conceptually identified in the plans for trunk infrastructure stated in Table which are included in Schedule 3.

Table—Plans for trunk infrastructure networks
Trunk infrastructure network
Plans for trunk infrastructure
Map WS13, WS14, WS31, WS32, WS33, WS34, WS41, WS51, WS52, WS53, WS54, WS71, WS72, WS73, WS74, WS75, WS78, WS91, WS92, WS93, WS94, WS95, WS96, WS97, WS98, WS109, WS110, WS111, WS112, WS113, WS114, WS115, WS116, WS117, WS118, WS123, WS127, WS129, WS130, WS131, WS132, WS133, WS134, WS135, WS136, WS137, WS138, WS149, WS150, WS151, WS152, WS153, WS154, WS155, WS156, WS157, WS167, WS169, WS170, WS171, WS172, WS173, WS174, WS175, WS176, WS177, WS178, WS189, WS190, WS191, WS192, WS193, WS194, WS195, WS196, WS197, WS198, WS203, WS205, WS206, WS207, WS208, WS209, WS210, WS211, WS212, WS213, WS214, WS215, WS216, WS217, WS218, WS225, WS226, WS227, WS228, WS229, WS230, WS231, WS232, WS233, WS234, WS235, WS236, WS237, WS238, WS243, WS245, WS246, WS247, WS248, WS249, WS250, WS251, WS252, WS253, WS254, WS255, WS256, WS257, WS258, WS265, WS266, WS267, WS268, WS269, WS270, WS271, WS272, WS273, WS274, WS275, WS276, WS277, WS278, WS287, WS288, WS289, WS290, WS291, WS292, WS293, WS294, WS295, WS296, WS297, WS308, WS309, WS310, WS311, WS312, WS313, WS314, WS315, WS317, WS330, WS331, WS332, WS333, WS334, WS335, WS351, WS352, WS353, WS354
Map S13, S14, S31, S32, S33, S34, S41, S51, S52, S53, S54, S71, S72, S73, S74, S75, S78, S91, S92, S93, S94, S95, S96, S97, S98, S109, S110, S111, S112, S113, S114, S115, S116, S117, S118, S123, S127, S129, S130, S131, S132, S133, S134, S135, S136, S137, S138, S149, S150, S151, S152, S153, S154, S155, S156, S157, S167, S169, S170, S171, S172, S173, S174, S175, S176, S177, S178, S189, S190, S191, S192, S193, S194, S195, S196, S197, S198, S203, S205, S206, S207, S208, S209, S210, S211, S212, S213, S214, S215, S216, S217, S218, S225, S226, S227, S228, S229, S230, S231, S232, S233, S234, S235, S236, S237, S238, S243, S245, S246, S247, S248, S249, S250, S251, S252, S253, S254, S255, S256, S257, S258, S265, S266, S267, S268, S269, S270, S271, S272, S273, S274, S275, S276, S277, S278, S287, S288, S289, S290, S291, S292, S293, S294, S295, S296, S297, S308, S309, S310, S311, S312, S313, S314, S315, S317, S330, S331, S332, S333, S334, S335, S351, S352, S353, S354
Map SW13, SW14, SW31, SW32, SW33, SW34, SW41, SW51, SW52, SW53, SW54, SW71, SW72, SW73, SW74, SW75, SW78, SW91, SW92, SW93, SW94, SW95, SW96, SW97, SW98, SW109, SW110, SW111, SW112, SW113, SW114, SW115, SW116, SW117, SW118, SW123, SW127, SW129, SW130, SW131, SW132, SW133, SW134, SW135, SW136, SW137, SW138, SW149, SW150, SW151, SW152, SW153, SW154, SW155, SW156, SW157, SW167, SW169, SW170, SW171, SW172, SW173, SW174, SW175, SW176, SW177, SW178, SW189, SW190, SW191, SW192, SW193, SW194, SW195, SW196, SW197, SW198, SW203, SW205, SW206, SW207, SW208, SW209, SW210, SW211, SW212, SW213, SW214, SW215, SW216, SW217, SW218, SW225, SW226, SW227, SW228, SW229, SW230, SW231, SW232, SW233, SW234, SW235, SW236, SW237, SW238, SW243, SW245, SW246, SW247, SW248, SW249, SW250, SW251, SW252, SW253, SW254, SW255, SW256, SW257, SW258, SW265, SW266, SW267, SW268, SW269, SW270, SW271, SW272, SW273, SW274, SW275, SW276, SW277, SW278, SW287, SW288, SW289, SW290, SW291, SW292, SW293, SW294, SW295, SW296, SW297, SW308, SW309, SW310, SW311, SW312, SW313, SW314, SW315, SW317, SW330, SW331, SW332, SW333, SW334, SW335, SW351, SW352, SW353, SW354
Map R13, R14, R31, R32, R33, R34, R41, R51, R52, R53, R54, R71, R72, R73, R74, R75, R78, R91, R92, R93, R94, R95, R96, R97, R98, R109, R110, R111, R112, R113, R114, R115, R116, R117, R118, R123, R127, R129, R130, R131, R132, R133, R134, R135, R136, R137, R138, R149, R150, R151, R152, R153, R154, R155, R156, R157, R167, R169, R170, R171, R172, R173, R174, R175, R176, R177, R178, R189, R190, R191, R192, R193, R194, R195, R,196, R197, R198, R203, R205, R206, R207, R208, R209, R210, R211, R212, R213, R214, R215, R216, R217, R218, R225, R226, R227, R228, R229, R230, R231, R232, R233, R234, R235, R236, R237, R238, R243, R245, R246, R247, R248, R249, R250, R251, R252, R253, R254, R255, R256, R257, R258, R265, R266, R267, R268, R269, R270, R271, R272, R273, R274, R275, R276, R277, R278, R287, R288, R289, R290, R291, R292, R293, R294, R295, R296, R297, R308, R309, R310, R311, R312, R313, R314, R315, R317, R330, R331, R332, R333, R334, R335, R351, R352, R353, R354
Map APT13, APT14, APT31, APT32, APT33, APT34, APT41, APT51, APT52, APT53, APT54, APT71, APT72, APT73, APT74, APT75, APT78, APT91, APT92, APT93, APT94, APT95, APT96, APT97, APT98, APT109, APT110, APT111, APT112, APT113, APT114, APT115, APT116, APT117, APT118, APT123, APT127, APT129, APT130, APT131, APT132, APT133, APT134, APT135, APT136, APT137, APT138, APT149, APT150, APT151, APT152, APT153, APT154, APT155, APT156, APT157, APT167, APT169, APT170, APT171, APT172, APT173, APT174, APT175, APT176, APT177, APT178, APT189, APT190, APT191, APT192, APT193, APT194, APT195, APT196, APT197, APT198, APT203, APT205, APT206, APT207, APT208, APT209, APT210, APT211, APT212, APT213, APT214, APT215, APT216, APT217, APT218, APT225, APT226, APT227, APT228, APT229, APT230, APT231, APT232, APT233, APT234, APT235, APT236, APT237, APT238, APT243, APT245, APT246, APT247, APT248, APT249, APT250, APT251, APT252, APT253, APT254, APT255, APT256, APT257, APT258, APT265, APT266, APT267, APT268, APT269, APT270, APT271, APT272, APT273, APT274, APT275, APT276, APT277, APT278, APT287, APT288, APT289, APT290, APT291, APT292, APT293, APT294, APT295, APT296, APT297, APT308, APT309, APT310, APT311, APT312, APT313, APT314, APT315, APT317, APT330, APT331, APT332, APT333, APT334, APT335, APT351, APT352, APT353, APT354
Map CP13, CP14, CP31, CP32, CP33, CP34, CP41, CP51, CP52, CP53, CP54, CP71, CP72, CP73, CP74, CP75, CP78, CP91, CP92, CP93, CP94, CP95, CP96, CP97, CP98, CP109, CP110, CP111, CP112, CP113, CP114, CP115, CP116, CP117, CP118, CP123, CP127, CP129, CP130, CP131, CP132, CP133, CP134, CP135, CP136, CP137, CP138, CP149, CP150, CP151, CP152, CP153, CP154, CP155, CP156, CP157, CP167, CP169, CP170, CP171, CP172, CP173, CP174, CP175, CP176, CP177, CP178, CP189, CP190, CP191, CP192, CP193, CP194, CP195, CP196, CP197, CP198, CP203, CP205, CP206, CP207, CP208, CP209, CP210, CP211, CP212, CP213, CP214, CP215, CP216, CP217, CP218, CP225, CP226, CP227, CP228, CP229, CP230, CP231, CP232, CP233, CP234, CP235, CP236, CP237, CP238, CP243, CP245, CP246, CP247, CP248, CP249, CP250, CP251, CP252, CP253, CP254, CP255, CP256, CP257, CP258, CP265, CP266, CP267, CP268, CP269, CP270, CP271, CP272, CP273, CP274, CP275, CP276, CP277, CP278, CP287, CP288, CP289, CP290, CP291, CP292, CP293, CP294, CP295, CP296, CP297, CP308, CP309, CP310, CP311, CP312, CP313, CP314, CP315, CP317, CP330, CP331, CP332, CP333, CP334, CP335, CP351, CP352, CP353, CP354

4.6.4 Trunk infrastructure planning horizon

A trunk infrastructure network has been planned up to the planning horizon stated in Table

Table—Trunk infrastructure network planning horizon
Water supply network
Sewerage network
Stormwater network
Transport network (road network)
Transport network (pathway network)
Transport network (public transport (bus stops) network)
Transport network (public transport (ferry terminals) network)
Community purposes network (public parks network)
Community purposes network (land for the community facilities network)

4.6.5 Trunk infrastructure networks systems and items

The typical trunk infrastructure networks, systems and items covered by the Local government infrastructure plan are stated in Table

Table—Typical trunk infrastructure networks, systems and items
Typical item
Water supply network
Drinking and non-drinking distribution and treatment
Non-drinking water treatment plant
Reservoir and storage facility
Pump station
Rechlorination facility
Distribution main with a nominal diameter of 200mm or greater
Associated monitoring system
Fire hydrants and other fittings on trunk mains
Pressure-reducing valves and pressure gauges
Sewerage network
Pump station
Rising main
Gravity sewer with a nominal diameter of 225mm or greater
Odour and corrosion control system
Associated monitoring system
Sewerage treatment plant
Storage facility
Release system
Associated monitoring system
Stormwater network
Natural waterway
Overland flow path and channel (natural and constructed)
Piped drainage including a pipe with a nominal diameter of 750mm or greater, culverts, manholes, inlets and outlets
Riparian corridor
Bank stabilisation, erosion protection and revegetation
Detention and retention facility
Transport network
Road network
Major roads being arterial routes, suburban routes and district access routes provided by the local government
Within a road, land and work for an associated intersection, traffic lights, lighting, bridges, culverts, kerb and channel local road drainage, swales, pedestrian pathways and cycleways but excluding services for other infrastructure providers
Pathway network
Cycle-ways and pedestrian pathways not in a road
Associated lighting, culverts, bridges, furniture, directional and information signage and surface marking
Cross block links.
Public transport (bus stops) networks
Land and work for bus stops, shelters and signs
Public transport (ferry terminals) networks
Ferry terminals
Community purposes network
Public parks network
Land, work and standard embellishments for local, district and metropolitan parks for informal recreation and sport
Land for the community facilities network
Land and basic work associated with the clearing of land and connection to services
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