Part 3 Strategic framework

3.1 Preliminary

(1) The strategic framework sets the policy direction for the planning scheme and forms the basis for ensuring appropriate development occurs in the planning scheme area for the life of the planning scheme.
(2) Mapping for the strategic framework is included in Schedule 2.
(3) For the purpose of describing the policy direction for the planning scheme, the strategic framework is structured in the following way:
(a) the strategic intent;
(b) the following 5 themes that collectively represent the policy intent of the scheme:
(i) Brisbane's globally competitive economy;
(ii) Brisbane's outstanding lifestyle;
(iii) Brisbane's clean and green leading environmental performance;
(iv) Brisbane's highly effective transport and infrastructure;
(v) Brisbane's CityShape;
(c) the strategic outcomes proposed for development in the planning scheme area for each theme;
(d) the elements that refine and further describe the strategic outcomes;
(e) the specific outcomes sought for each or a number of elements;
(f) the land use strategies for achieving each of these outcomes.
(4) Although each theme has its own section, the strategic framework in its entirety represents the policy intent for the planning scheme.
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