9.4.7 Outdoor lighting code Application

(1) This code applies to assessing:
(a) building work for outdoor lighting which is self-assessable and assessable development if this code is an applicable code identified in the assessment criteria column of a table of assessment for building work (section 5.7) or an overlay (section 5.10); or
(b) a material change of use or reconfiguring a lot if:
(i) assessable development where this code is identified as a prescribed secondary code in the assessment criteria column of a table of assessment for material change of use (section 5.5) or reconfiguring a lot (section 5.6); or
(ii) impact assessable development, to the extent relevant.

Editor’s note—Where for the purpose of lighting of a tennis court in a zone in the residential zones category, a compliance statement prepared by a suitably qualified person must be submitted to Council with a development application for building work.

(2) When using this code, reference should be made to section 1.5 and section 5.3.3.

Editor’s note—For a proposal to be self-assessable, it must meet all the self-assessable outcomes of this code and any other applicable code. Where it does not meet all self-assessable outcomes, the proposal becomes assessable development and a development application is required. Where a development application is triggered, only the specific acceptable outcome that the proposal fails to meet needs to be assessed against the corresponding assessable acceptable outcome or performance outcome. Other self-assessable outcomes that are met are not assessed as part of the development application. Purpose

(1) The purpose of the Outdoor lighting code is to assess the suitability of outdoor lighting.
(2) The purpose of the code will be achieved through the following overall outcomes:
(a) Outdoor lighting efficiently lights a desired area while minimising the adverse impacts of spill lighting on adjoining uses.
(b) Outdoor lighting does not create an adverse impact on the behaviour of native fauna. Assessment criteria

The following table identifies the assessment criteria for self-assessable and assessable development.

Table—Criteria for self-assessable and assessable development
Performance outcomes
Acceptable outcomes
Development provides outdoor lighting that does not have an adverse impact on any person, activity or fauna because of light emissions, either directly or by reflection.
Development ensures that technical parameters, design, installation, operation and maintenance of outdoor lighting:
(b) maintain a minimum of 20lux at the footpath level where in a zone in the centre zones category or the Mixed use zone.

Note—The effects of outdoor lighting should be mitigated where a window of a habitable room of a nearby dwelling will be illuminated beyond maximum permissible values outlined in AS 4282-1997 Control of the obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting.

Development provides floodlighting that is restricted to a type that gives no upward component of light where mounted horizontally, such as a full cut off luminar.
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