5.2 Locality streets in Suburban Centre Improvement Projects

5.2.1 General

(1) This section sets out specific design standards for surfacing, furniture colour, trees, garden beds and various infrastructure elements in the footway for each locality street in a Suburban Centre improvement Project (SCIP) area as identified on the Streetscape hierarchy overlay.
(2) All footway upgrades are to include new surfacing, new or reinstated kerb and channel, driveways, pedestrian kerb crossings, tactile markers, roof water drainage line connections, service pit lids, street trees, garden beds, furniture and pedestrian lighting.

Editor's note—Suburban Centre Improvement Projects (SCIP) are locations where unique footway upgrades have already been undertaken through Council's SCIP program. This chapter includes details of the materials and finishes already established in these centres and provides a reference when upgrades need to be undertaken.

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