watermark Extractive industry zone code

(1) The purpose of the extractive industry zone is to provide for extractive industry.
(2) The purpose of the zone will be achieved through the following overall outcomes:
(a) Development in the zone supports the implementation of the policy direction set in the Strategic framework, in particular:
(i) Theme 1: Brisbane’s globally competitive economy and Element 1.2 – Brisbane’s industrial economy;
(ii) Theme 3: Brisbane’s clean and green leading environmental performance and Element 3.1 – Brisbane’s environmental values;
(iii) Theme 5: Brisbane’s CityShape and Element 5.6 – Brisbane’s Greenspace System.
(b) Development ensures that the extraction of rock, gravel, sand and clay is able to operate without the encroachment of inappropriate uses and impacts on adjoining uses are minimised.
(c) Development is located, designed and managed to maintain safety of people, avoid significant adverse effects on the natural environment and minimise impacts on residential or other sensitive uses.
(d) Development that directly relates to extractive industry uses is accommodated.
(e) Development in the separation area does not compromise extractive industry operations or the potential for such operations to occur in the future.
(f) Development does not limit the ongoing operation of existing and future extractive industrial uses.
(g) Development provides an effective separation between an extractive industry use and existing and future areas for urban development.
(h) Development provides for an extractive industry site to be progressively rehabilitated at the conclusion of extractive operations in order to accommodate other activities appropriate to the location.
(i) Development has access to appropriate transport infrastructure, development infrastructure and essential services.
(j) Development provides for haulage to and from the site on appropriate roads and in a manner that minimises any adverse impact on residential or other sensitive uses.
(k) Development responds to land constraints, mitigates any adverse impacts on environmental values and addresses other specific characteristics, as identified by overlays affecting the site or in codes applicable to the development.
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