6.2.4 Environmental zones category Environmental management zone code

(1) The purpose of the Environmental management zone code is to recognise environmentally sensitive areas and may provide for houses on lots and other low-impact activities where suitable. These areas are protected from inclusion of any urban, suburban, centre or industrial land use except quarries that are identified in the Strategic framework.
(2) The local government purpose of the code is to:
(a) Implement the policy direction set in the Strategic framework, in particular:
(i) Theme 3: Brisbane’s clean and green leading environmental performance and Element 3.1 – Brisbane’s environmental values;
(ii) Theme 5: Brisbane’s CityShape and Element 5.6 – Brisbane’s Greenspace System.
(b) Sustain natural environment-centred living and other land uses, compatible with conserving and maintaining the integrity of the city's wildlife, habitats and other significant ecological assets and processes on private lands.
(3) The purpose of the code will be achieved through overall outcomes for development location, uses and form.
(4) Development location, uses and form overall outcomes are:
(a) Development provides for land to be managed for both its nature conservation values and environmental functions, including a broad range of ecosystem services.
(b) Development provides for the restoration of wildlife habitat and associated features through the rehabilitation of land functioning as a receiving site for biodiversity offsets.
(c) Development provides for a natural environment-centred land use, including permanent biodiversity plantation or nature-based outdoor recreation activity to co-exist with, conserve and enhance environmental values and functions through innovative design, planning and construction approaches.
(d) Development of a compatible land use, such as nature-based living, adopts and promotes sustainable operational features and practices, including climate responsiveness and water conservation.
(e) Development for housing comprises a 1 or 2 storey dwelling house which is located on an appropriately sized lot and is designed and sited to respect the environmental values and identity of the Environmental management zone.
(f) Development for a home based business may operate in a dwelling house and is of a scale and nature that protects the amenity of adjoining residents.
(g) Development for an agricultural supplies store, animal keeping, bulk landscape supplies, emergency services, garden centre, service station, or wholesale nursery:
(i) is of a scale which is compatible with the Environmental management zone;
(ii) is located on a district road or suburban road (or motorway or arterial road only, if a service station);
(iii) supports existing concentrations of centre-type activities;
(iv) is not located within an area of high or general ecological significance on the Biodiversity areas overlay map.
(h) Development for cropping may be accommodated where compatible with adjoining existing and envisaged future uses.
(i) Development for a place of worship, retirement facility, residential care facility or other intensive land use is not accommodated as their size, bulk and visual impact detract significantly from the landscape character and environmental values of land.
(j) Development does not adversely impact upon the values and functions of the land, including its landscape or natural resource values through innovative design, planning and construction approaches, including application of noise, light and physical buffers external to the values being conserved.
(k) Development responds to land constraints, mitigates any adverse impacts on environmental values and addresses other specific characteristics, as identified by overlays affecting the site or in codes applicable to the development.

Note—Opportunities are provided for private landowners to participate in nature conservation partnership programs or natural resource management initiatives that support the purpose of the Environmental management zone code.

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