watermark Enoggera district neighbourhood plan code Application

(1) This code applies to assessing a material change of use, reconfiguring a lot, operational work or building work in the Enoggera district neighbourhood plan area if:
(a) assessable development where this code is an applicable code identified in the assessment benchmarks column of a table of assessment for a neighbourhood plan (section 5.9); or
(b) impact assessable development.
(2) Land in the Enoggera district neighbourhood plan area is identified on the NPM-005.3 Enoggera district neighbourhood plan map and includes the following precinct:
(a) Alderley shopping centre precinct (Enoggera district neighbourhood plan/NPP-001).
(3) When using this code, reference should be made to section 1.5, section 5.3.2 and section 5.3.3.

Note—The following purpose, overall outcomes, performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes comprise the assessment benchmarks of this code.

Note—This neighbourhood plan includes a table of assessment. Refer to Table 5.9.23.A, Table 5.9.23.B, Table 5.9.23.C and Table 5.9.23.D. Purpose

(1) The purpose of the Enoggera district neighbourhood plan code is to provide finer grained planning at a local level for the Enoggera district neighbourhood plan area.
(2) The purpose of the Enoggera district neighbourhood plan code will be achieved through overall outcomes including overall outcomes for each precinct of the neighbourhood plan area.
(3) The overall outcomes for the neighbourhood plan area are:
(a) Development is underpinned by regionally significant transport infrastructure, focused along the Ferny Grove railway corridor.
(b) A balanced mix of housing densities and types, including public housing and retirement facilities, serve the needs of the community. Identified character housing is retained.
(c) Significant environmental resources such as Kedron Brook and Enoggera Creek, with ecological, recreational and landscape values, are protected and enhanced.
(d) The Wardell Street/Samford Road shopping centre functions as a neighbourhood centre and redevelopment remains within the existing boundaries and carefully considers any impact on the efficient and safe operation of the intersection of Wardell Street and Samford Road.
(e) The Gaythorne and Dallas Parade shopping centres remain as neighbourhood centres.
(f) The Enoggera Military Camp is a significant landholding and employment and traffic generator within the neighbourhood plan area. A major access point to the facility from Samford Road is encouraged to significantly reduce traffic through residential areas. Protection and enhancement of green-space areas within the site is encouraged.

Note—The Enoggera Military Camp is a Federal Government facility and not subject to Council’s planning controls.

(g) Local low impact industrial areas at Pickering Street and Bellevue Avenue will be maintained to service local needs while appropriately managing their interface with surrounding residential areas.
(h) If quarrying activities cease in the Settlement Road area, an integrated residential precinct principally for low density residential purposes is preferred. Small-scale non-residential development providing local services, such as one or more convenience shops or a childcare centre, may also be appropriate. Any proposal for redevelopment should include landscape schemes that address revegetation and use tree species associated with the bushland of the locality.
(4) Alderley shopping centre precinct (Enoggera district neighbourhood plan/NPP-001) overall outcome is:
(a) Alderley shopping centre is the retail and commercial focus for the eastern part of the neighbourhood plan area.
(b) Alderley shopping centre provides a compact and pedestrian-friendly centre that is well connected to adjoining public transport routes. Performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes

Table—Performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes
Performance outcomes
Acceptable outcomes
No performance outcomes are prescribed.
No acceptable outcomes are prescribed.
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