8.2.8 Commercial character building (demolition) overlay code Application

(1) This code applies to assessing development in the Commercial character building overlay, if:
(a) assessable development where this code is an applicable code identified in the assessment benchmarks column of a table of assessment for an overlay (section 5.10); or
(b) impact assessable development.

Note—Minor demolition work as defined in section 5.3.4 is accepted development under the planning scheme.

(2) Land in the Commercial character building overlay is identified in the Commercial character building overlay map and is included in the Commercial character building site sub-category.
(3) When using this code, reference should be made to section 1.5 and section 5.3.3.

Note—The following purpose, overall outcomes, performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes comprise the assessment benchmarks of this code. Purpose

(1) The purpose of the Commercial character building (demolition) overlay code is to:
(a) Implement the policy direction in the Strategic framework in particular:
(i) Theme 2: Brisbane’s outstanding lifestyle, and Element 2.1– Brisbane’s identity;
(ii) Theme 5: Brisbane’s CityShape and Element 5.5 – Brisbane’s Suburban Living Areas, and Element 5.8 – Brisbane’s Growth Nodes on Selected Transport Corridors.
(b) Provide for the assessment of the suitability of specific demolition, partial demolition or removal of a part of any commercial character building in the Commercial character building overlay.
(2) The purpose of the code will be achieved through the following overall outcomes:
(a) Traditional commercial character buildings contribute to the character, identity or history of the area and are protected from being demolished, removed or significantly altered, and where involving partial demolition, retains its traditional building form and character.
(b) Demolition or removal only occurs where a building is structurally unsound. Performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes

Table—Performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes
Performance outcomes
Acceptable outcomes
If involving removal or demolition
The building must not be capable of structural repair.
The building is demonstrated, by an engineering report prepared by a Registered Professional Engineer Queensland, to be structurally unsound and not reasonably capable of being made structurally sound.
If involving demolition of a part of the building
The building must:
(a) still be clearly identifiable as a commercial character building with a traditional building form and character of having been constructed in 1946 or earlier;
(b) be sited in its original position (generally the front property alignment);
(c) maintain its original traditional proportions;
(d) retain key elements such as an awning over the footpath.
Development retains the integral components of the building such as an awning over the footpath and street front entrance which contribute to its traditional commercial character building architectural style and character.
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