watermark Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan code Application

(1) This code applies to assessing a material change of use, reconfiguring a lot, operational work or building work in the Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan area if:
(a) assessable development where this code is an applicable code identified in the assessment benchmarks column of a table of assessment for a neighbourhood plan (section 5.9); or
(b) impact assessable development.
(2) Land in the Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan area is identified on the NPM-002.2 Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan map and includes the following precinct:
(a) Mayne rail yards precinct (Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan/NPP-001).

Editor's note—Part of the neighbourhood plan area is covered by the Bowen Hills priority development area which Economic Development Queensland is responsible for planning under the Economic Development Act 2012.

(3) When using this code, reference should be made to section 1.5, section 5.3.2 and section 5.3.3.

Note—The following purpose, overall outcomes, performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes comprise the assessment benchmarks of this code.

Note—This neighbourhood plan includes a table of assessment with variations to categories of development and assessment. Refer to Table 5.9.8.A, Table 5.9.8.B, Table 5.9.8.C and Table 5.9.8.D. Purpose

(1) The purpose of the Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan code is to provide finer grained planning at a local level for the Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan area.
(2) The purpose of the Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan code will be achieved through overall outcomes including overall outcomes for each precinct of the neighbourhood plan area.
(3) The overall outcomes for the Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan area are:
(a) Bowen Hills is a diverse and vibrant area, providing an integrated mix of living, employment and entertainment uses in order to minimise individual trip requirements and reduce dependence on the private motor vehicle.
(b) Development in Bowen Hills maintains the existing context of the area, recognises the physical dominance of the hill and protects significant views to the Herbert Taylor Range.
(c) Commercial and industrial development takes advantage of the area's strategic location, supporting City Centre uses.
(d) The pedestrian and cycle networks are enhanced to improve safety and connectivity to key nodes such as the hospital and major uses in the Newstead and Fortitude Valley area.
(e) Development of key sites including the Mayne rail yards, if redeveloped, is in accordance with a structure plan that delivers a high-quality mixed use environment which integrates with surrounding uses.
(f) Development is of a height, scale and form which is consistent with the amenity and character, community expectations and infrastructure assumptions intended for the relevant precinct, sub-precinct or site and is only developed at a greater height, scale and form where there is both a community need and economic need for the development.
(4) Mayne rail yards precinct (Bowen Hills neighbourhood plan/NPP-001) overall outcomes are:
(a) The site is maintained by Queensland Rail and continues to operate for railway purposes until such a time as the use is no longer needed.
(b) Further development or redevelopment of the site is in accordance with a structure plan prepared in conjunction with Queensland Rail.
(c) Future redevelopment creates a mixed use environment incorporating commercial and low impact industry uses that supports the City Centre.
(d) Residential uses are limited to high amenity areas, such as close to Breakfast Creek.
(e) Areas adjacent to Breakfast Creek are opened up for public access and open space.
(f) Low rise development is integrated with this open space and the creek environment. Performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes

Table—Performance outcomes and acceptable outcomes
Performance outcomes
Acceptable outcomes
Bowen Hills provides a range of open space and recreational opportunities that meet the needs of the Bowen Hills community.
Development incorporates future parks into the design in accordance with Figure a.
Development provides open space linkages to parks and open space.
Land adjoining Breakfast Creek or Enoggera Creek is preserved for public use along the entire creek frontage.
Development preserves an open space corridor along the southern side of Breakfast Creek and Enoggera Creek extending from Breakfast Creek Road to Bowen Bridge Road in accordance with Figure a.
Development on a site adjacent to Breakfast Creek or Enoggera Creek provides an open space corridor with a minimum width of 10m of land which is measured from the top of the revetment wall or the high water mark.
Development on a site adjoining Breakfast Creek or Enoggera Creek addresses the creek and open space adjacent to the creek.
Development ensures that a building elevation facing the open space corridor is attractively designed to ‘front’ the creek rather than backing on to it.
Development ensures that the building design provides opportunities for passive surveillance through the orientation of windows and balconies towards the open space corridor.
Development involving a basement wall fronting the creek which is more than 1m above the finished ground storey is appropriately screened using a variety of landscape treatments to achieve an attractive frontage to the open space corridor.

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