SC3.4 Plans for trunk infrastructure

The Local Government infrastructure plan includes the plans for trunk infrastructure referenced in section 4.6 and section 4.7 and stated in Table SC3.4.1.

Table SC3.4.1—Plans for trunk infrastructure networks
Trunk infrastructure network
Plans for trunk infrastructure
Map WS13, WS14, WS31, WS32, WS33, WS34, WS41, WS51, WS52, WS53, WS54, WS71, WS72, WS73, WS74, WS75, WS78, WS91, WS92, WS93, WS94, WS95, WS96, WS97, WS98, WS109, WS110, WS111, WS112, WS113, WS114, WS115, WS116, WS117, WS118, WS123, WS127, WS129, WS130, WS131, WS132, WS133, WS134, WS135, WS136, WS137, WS138, WS149, WS150, WS151, WS152, WS153, WS154, WS155, WS156, WS157, WS167, WS169, WS170, WS171, WS172, WS173, WS174, WS175, WS176, WS177, WS178, WS189, WS190, WS191, WS192, WS193, WS194, WS195, WS196, WS197, WS198, WS203, WS205, WS206, WS207, WS208, WS209, WS210, WS211, WS212, WS213, WS214, WS215, WS216, WS217, WS218, WS225, WS226, WS227, WS228, WS229, WS230, WS231, WS232, WS233, WS234, WS235, WS236, WS237, WS238, WS243, WS245, WS246, WS247, WS248, WS249, WS250, WS251, WS252, WS253, WS254, WS255, WS256, WS257, WS258, WS265, WS266, WS267, WS268, WS269, WS270, WS271, WS272, WS273, WS274, WS275, WS276, WS277, WS278, WS287, WS288, WS289, WS290, WS291, WS292, WS293, WS294, WS295, WS296, WS297, WS308, WS309, WS310, WS311, WS312, WS313, WS314, WS315, WS317, WS330, WS331, WS332, WS333, WS334, WS335, WS351, WS352, WS353, WS354
Map S13, S14, S31, S32, S33, S34, S41, S51, S52, S53, S54, S71, S72, S73, S74, S75, S78, S91, S92, S93, S94, S95, S96, S97, S98, S109, S110, S111, S112, S113, S114, S115, S116, S117, S118, S123, S127, S129, S130, S131, S132, S133, S134, S135, S136, S137, S138, S149, S150, S151, S152, S153, S154, S155, S156, S157, S167, S169, S170, S171, S172, S173, S174, S175, S176, S177, S178, S189, S190, S191, S192, S193, S194, S195, S196, S197, S198, S203, S205, S206, S207, S208, S209, S210, S211, S212, S213, S214, S215, S216, S217, S218, S225, S226, S227, S228, S229, S230, S231, S232, S233, S234, S235, S236, S237, S238, S243, S245, S246, S247, S248, S249, S250, S251, S252, S253, S254, S255, S256, S257, S258, S265, S266, S267, S268, S269, S270, S271, S272, S273, S274, S275, S276, S277, S278, S287, S288, S289, S290, S291, S292, S293, S294, S295, S296, S297, S308, S309, S310, S311, S312, S313, S314, S315, S317, S330, S331, S332, S333, S334, S335, S351, S352, S353, S354
Map SW13, SW14, SW31, SW32, SW33, SW34, SW41, SW51, SW52, SW53, SW54, SW71, SW72, SW73, SW74, SW75, SW78, SW91, SW92, SW93, SW94, SW95, SW96, SW97, SW98, SW109, SW110, SW111, SW112, SW113, SW114, SW115, SW116, SW117, SW118, SW123, SW127, SW129, SW130, SW131, SW132, SW133, SW134, SW135, SW136, SW137, SW138, SW149, SW150, SW151, SW152, SW153, SW154, SW155, SW156, SW157, SW167, SW169, SW170, SW171, SW172, SW173, SW174, SW175, SW176, SW177, SW178, SW189, SW190, SW191, SW192, SW193, SW194, SW195, SW196, SW197, SW198, SW203, SW205, SW206, SW207, SW208, SW209, SW210, SW211, SW212, SW213, SW214, SW215, SW216, SW217, SW218, SW225, SW226, SW227, SW228, SW229, SW230, SW231, SW232, SW233, SW234, SW235, SW236, SW237, SW238, SW243, SW245, SW246, SW247, SW248, SW249, SW250, SW251, SW252, SW253, SW254, SW255, SW256, SW257, SW258, SW265, SW266, SW267, SW268, SW269, SW270, SW271, SW272, SW273, SW274, SW275, SW276, SW277, SW278, SW287, SW288, SW289, SW290, SW291, SW292, SW293, SW294, SW295, SW296, SW297, SW308, SW309, SW310, SW311, SW312, SW313, SW314, SW315, SW317, SW330, SW331, SW332, SW333, SW334, SW335, SW351, SW352, SW353, SW354
Map R13, R14, R31, R32, R33, R34, R41, R51, R52, R53, R54, R71, R72, R73, R74, R75, R78, R91, R92, R93, R94, R95, R96, R97, R98, R109, R110, R111, R112, R113, R114, R115, R116, R117, R118, R123, R127, R129, R130, R131, R132, R133, R134, R135, R136, R137, R138, R149, R150, R151, R152, R153, R154, R155, R156, R157, R167, R169, R170, R171, R172, R173, R174, R175, R176, R177, R178, R189, R190, R191, R192, R193, R194, R195, R196, R197, R198, R203, R205, R206, R207, R208, R209, R210, R211, R212, R213, R214, R215, R216, R217, R218, R225, R226, R227, R228, R229, R230, R231, R232, R233, R234, R235, R236, R237, R238, R243, R245, R246, R247, R248, R249, R250, R251, R252, R253, R254, R255, R256, R257, R258, R265, R266, R267, R268, R269, R270, R271, R272, R273, R274, R275, R276, R277, R278, R287, R288, R289, R290, R291, R292, R293, R294, R295, R296, R297, R308, R309, R310, R311, R312, R313, R314, R315, R317, R330, R331, R332, R333, R334, R335, R351, R352, R353, R354
Map APT13, APT14, APT31, APT32, APT33, APT34, APT41, APT51, APT52, APT53, APT54, APT71, APT72, APT73, APT74, APT75, APT78, APT91, APT92, APT93, APT94, APT95, APT96, APT97, APT98, APT109, APT110, APT111, APT112, APT113, APT114, APT115, APT116, APT117, APT118, APT123, APT127, APT129, APT130, APT131, APT132, APT133, APT134, APT135, APT136, APT137, APT138, APT149, APT150, APT151, APT152, APT153, APT154, APT155, APT156, APT157, APT167, APT169, APT170, APT171, APT172, APT173, APT174, APT175, APT176, APT177, APT178, APT189, APT190, APT191, APT192, APT193, APT194, APT195, APT196, APT197, APT198, APT203, APT205, APT206, APT207, APT208, APT209, APT210, APT211, APT212, APT213, APT214, APT215, APT216, APT217, APT218, APT225, APT226, APT227, APT228, APT229, APT230, APT231, APT232, APT233, APT234, APT235, APT236, APT237, APT238, APT243, APT245, APT246, APT247, APT248, APT249, APT250, APT251, APT252, APT253, APT254, APT255, APT256, APT257, APT258, APT265, APT266, APT267, APT268, APT269, APT270, APT271, APT272, APT273, APT274, APT275, APT276, APT277, APT278, APT287, APT288, APT289, APT290, APT291, APT292, APT293, APT294, APT295, APT296, APT297, APT308, APT309, APT310, APT311, APT312, APT313, APT314, APT315, APT317, APT330, APT331, APT332, APT333, APT334, APT335, APT351, APT352, APT353, APT354
Map CP13, CP14, CP31, CP32, CP33, CP34, CP41, CP51, CP52, CP53, CP54, CP71, CP72, CP73, CP74, CP75, CP78, CP91, CP92, CP93, CP94, CP95, CP96, CP97, CP98, CP109, CP110, CP111, CP112, CP113, CP114, CP115, CP116, CP117, CP118, CP123, CP127, CP129, CP130, CP131, CP132, CP133, CP134, CP135, CP136, CP137, CP138, CP149, CP150, CP151, CP152, CP153, CP154, CP155, CP156, CP157, CP167, CP169, CP170, CP171, CP172, CP173, CP174, CP175, CP176, CP177, CP178, CP189, CP190, CP191, CP192, CP193, CP194, CP195, CP196, CP197, CP198, CP203, CP205, CP206, CP207, CP208, CP209, CP210, CP211, CP212, CP213, CP214, CP215, CP216, CP217, CP218, CP225, CP226, CP227, CP228, CP229, CP230, CP231, CP232, CP233, CP234, CP235, CP236, CP237, CP238, CP243, CP245, CP246, CP247, CP248, CP249, CP250, CP251, CP252, CP253, CP254, CP255, CP256, CP257, CP258, CP265, CP266, CP267, CP268, CP269, CP270, CP271, CP272, CP273, CP274, CP275, CP276, CP277, CP278, CP287, CP288, CP289, CP290, CP291, CP292, CP293, CP294, CP295, CP296, CP297, CP308, CP309, CP310, CP311, CP312, CP313, CP314, CP315, CP317, CP330, CP331, CP332, CP333, CP334, CP335, CP351, CP352, CP353, CP354
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